Welcome to Pro Wager

What is Pro Wager?

It is a software system that helps the punter get the best value out of:

  1. His selections ( we call rankings)
  2. His own markets or markets he chooses to use
  3. Prowager markets which are available every city meeting

Firstly, why would you want to use Prowager:

Lets look at some facts.

  1. The best value in betting is the multi type. Trifectas, Quinellas, Quaddies etc.
  2. Most punter do not know how to get the best value out of their selections.
  3. How do they expect to win, if they box their selections, and have the same value of their 1st pick as their 5th pick.
  4. By boxing their bets, they are just wasting money and in the long run, can't win.
ProWager values and calculates each selection based on the value.
The software then calculates the best number of combinations for each multi bet.
The software also codes the combinations so with a press of a button these bets can be placed with the Tab's or The Odds Broker in seconds.
Prowager software allows you to choose the amount you want to bet, and gives you total control and records of all your bets. You can archive you bets and markets forever.
For the Spring Carnival we are offering this to the punters for the following ;
  • 1 month $30
  • 3 months $75
  • 6 months $120
  • 1 Year $200
This offer closes at the end of Sept.

If you would like to take your betting to the next level, book a live on line live trading day. These need to be booked about 1 month in advance due to advance bookings already.


Today's events

Date Venue Races
Sun, 14-08-2022 Sunshine Coast 8
Sun, 14-08-2022 Cowra 8
Sun, 14-08-2022 Bendigo 8
Sun, 14-08-2022 Coleraine 7
Sun, 14-08-2022 Port Augusta 7
Sun, 14-08-2022 Moruya 7
Sun, 14-08-2022 Kalgoorlie 8
Sun, 14-08-2022 Selangor Malaysia 12
Sun, 14-08-2022 Seoul 12
Sun, 14-08-2022 Devonport 8
Sun, 14-08-2022 Singapore 12
Sun, 14-08-2022 Scottsville 9
Sun, 14-08-2022 Tokyo City Keiba 10
Sun, 14-08-2022 Deauville 9
Sun, 14-08-2022 Goteborg 7
Sun, 14-08-2022 Hoppegarten 8